Clementine's Bourbon Kentucky Pie

My order of 5 pints back in April from Clementine's included 2 boozy flavors. I chose this flavor not because I'm a huge bourbon fan or anything; like lets be honest I'm not and never will be that sophisticated. I chose it because pie. I ate this pint really not too long after I ordered it, but just because of different things going on, it took me a while to get this post out.

The description of this flavor is A Southern tradition, vanilla bourbon ice cream with chunks of pecan pie and chocolate chip pie. 

But before I jump right in with the review, I am going to tell you a bit about Clementine's naughty, aka boozy, ice cream. Clementine's has a unique process of making their ice cream boozy that they are actually currently working on getting trademarked. If you weren't aware, making alcoholic ice cream is really difficult. Why? Science. Adding alcohol lowers the freezing point of ice cream, so if you add enough alcohol for the ice cream to actually intoxicate you in anyway, it won't freeze and thus isn't actually ice cream. Their process allows their ice cream to be "super boozy," as Tamara said, and allows it to actually be ice cream. In fact, the alcohol percentage of their ice creams is up to 20%. I am very curious as to what their process is since some other people have made alcoholic ice cream using gelatin to stabilize the alcohol. I really hope I did not unwittingly consume a bunch of animal bone. Womp womp.

Okay now for the review. I'll start with the ice cream and then move to the pie chunks. My first thought when tasting this ice cream was, "Wow there is definitely alcohol in here." There is a definitive kick of bourbon in this flavor. I won't really speak to the actual flavor of the bourbon because I know nothing about bourbon. The bourbon used in this pint is . I was kind of concerned that the bourbon would over power the vanilla flavor or vice versa, but I don't really think this happened. The bourbon was stronger than the vanilla, but that is kind of inevitable when you are talking about ice cream that is this alcoholic. But as you kept eating, the kick of the bourbon wasn't as strong and the vanilla flavor came out to play a bit more. From what I can tell this is a really great and sophisticated vanilla flavor. It really makes me want to try their plain Madagascar Vanilla flavor.

I have audibly ooohed and aaahed every time I have opened a pint of Clementine's.

Okay now for the pie. Like I said of the gingerbread cookies, where I can I buy Clementine's chunks sans ice cream?! Obviously ice cream makes everything better but this is damn good pie. The crust was so flaky and buttery yum. The chunks were HUGE. Just from the chunks in the ice cream this was some of the best pecan and chocolate chip pies I've ever had. Wow I am so impressed.

The question I'm sure you've all been asking yourself this whole time. Did I get drunk?!?! Well no. I shared this pint with Brett and his roommate, Will. Granted I ate significantly more of this pint than they did, but I did not get drunk. However, I did feel it a bit. Just enough that when I was feeling pretty full of ice cream and there were about 5 (give or take 2) bites left, I thought it was a really good idea to finish the pint. But then again, I probably would have done that while 100% sober, so I don't know if that really tells you anything. To more concisely answer the question: I am a light weight, and after eating 2/3s of a pint I felt it a bit.

Another knock out flavor from Clementine's. Like change your weekend plans. Now that Clementine's is open, you've got to go.


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