Klondike Oreo

I've got some fall and winter flavor reviews, as well as some fun Minneapolis exclusive flavor reviews in the works, but for now I'm steadily making my way through all 14 Klondike Bar flavors. Oreo is the fourth flavor I've tried described as Under a blanket of milk chocolately coating and OREO cookie crumbles, you'll find a satisfyingly delicious slab of vanilla ice cream blended with OREO cookie pieces.

I think everyone in the world, except my mother, who hates Oreos, would agree that adding Oreos to any dessert makes it infinitely better. Therefore, I was expecting that Oreo would be one of, if not the best Klondike bar flavor, but it's actually my least favorite of the four I've tried so far.  Somehow the addition of Oreo to both the shell and ice cream made the bar very bland.

The shell by itself was decent. The Oreo crumbles were very fine, giving the shell a pleasant gritty, crumby (not crummy!) texture. Also, the complex milk chocolate of the standard …

Great Value Banana Puddin'

Since I live in Minneapolis, where Target is headquartered, there are Targets EVERYWHERE and Wal-Marts are few and far between, so when I do make it to a Wal-Mart, I always make sure to pick up a Wal-Mart only ice cream. With the seeming demise of the Sam's Choice ice cream, I've started turning to the Great Value brand. Within *I think* the last year, the Great Value brand of ice cream has undergone a bit of a makeover - new packaging, new flavors, and slightly bizarre new names. Most recently, Banana Puddin' caught my eye. (Why, just why, is it "Puddin'" instead of "Pudding"? It's so unnecessary.) Banaa Puddin' is Banana flavored ice cream with whipped cream flavored ribbon and vanilla wafer pieces.

Real talk, I was BLOWN AWAY by the base. I'm going to go there and say it's the best banana ice cream I've ever tried. From Wal-Mart. I KNOW. Banana puree is the first ingredient listed after the requisite dairy elements, so there&…

Brownie Fudge Swirl Klondike Bar

What is wrong with me that I avoided Klondike bars for so long?! The third installment of the fall Klondike Bar-a-thon is Brownie Fudge Swirl. From the Klondike Bar website:

Fudge brownie swirls ribboned through a creamy chocolate ice cream - all covered in a thick milk-chocolatey coating. It's time to score some serious brownie points with your taste buds. This gooey hunk of frozen fudgey flawlessness is a chocolate lover's dream - and for good reason. With this much chocolate ice cream, you owe it to yourself to make your ice cream dreams come true.

While the Klondike bar's higher-than-average ice cream-to-coating ration worked against the the Original and Dark Chocolate treats, the format is perfect for the Brownie Fudge Swirl bars. The higher ice cream content lets the mix-ins shine.

The pure, creamy, milky chocolate of the chocolate ice cream is the primary feature of the first bite. As you keep eating, you start to notice the richer, darker chocolate of the brownie s…

Blue Bunny Limited Edition Honey Bunny

Blue Bunny strikes again with another amazing limited edition flavor!! Honey Bunny is Honey ice cream. Graham and caramel swirls. Limited edition.

The first bite of this flavor is an overwhelming punch to the face of honey. Pow! Wow! The first bite worried me because it was SO intense and it would unpleasant if the flavor remained that strong. Thankfully, the honey flavor mellowed out in subsequent bites. Once the initial flavor rush faded, the honey base was deep, dark, and sweet with strong floral notes.

Blue Bunny does an absolutely lovely caramel swirl. It is thin, liquid, and perfectly sticky in texture, really separating it from the texture of the base. It had a slightly lighter flavor than the honey base, but was still intense.

The graham swirl was the keystone of this flavor, standing out on its own and also tying all of the elements together. The texture was that of a cookie butter - thick, drier than the caramel swirl, with a hint of crunch. It had a light sweetness, a hint…

Dark Chocolate Klondike Bar

Klondike really missed an opportunity to do a 'What wouldn't you do for a Klondike bar?' advertising campaign. Swim the English channel? Run a marathon? Eat 300 snails?

The Dark Chocolate Klondike Bar is luscious vanilla ice cream surrounded by an irresistible dark chocolatey coating. No, no, it's not what we call the Original bar at nighttime - this bar is its dark chocolate doppelgänger. Take a bite and scream, "Cacoa!!"

The vanilla ice cream is the same as the Original bar - light and fluffy and adds more sweetness to the flavor profile than actual vanilla flavor. This works for the Klondike bar - a heavy vanilla flavor would compete with the chocolate coating, the best element of a Klondike Bar.

The dark chocolate coating was noticeably darker than the original, but not so dark it was bitter. It had a softer, fudgier texture than the chocolate coating of the Original Bar. If I tried the Dark Chocolate bar first, I would probably be raving about the chocol…

Thelma's Treats Peanut Butter with Banana Ice Cream

I was wrong when I thought I couldn't find more to love about Thelma's Treats. Most ice cream sandwiches list a serving size as half of an ice cream sandwich, but realistically, who decides to eat half of an ice cream sandwich and save the rest for another day? No one.  Thelma's Treats decides to just go for it and list one whole sandwich as the serving size. Honesty. I like that.

Thelma's was originally a cookie company, and it shows in the quality of their cookies. I think they make THE BEST cookies for ice cream sandwiches I've ever tried. They're soft enough so they don't crumble or break when you bite into them, which is absolutely critical for an ice cream sandwich, but they're substantial enough that they don't soak up too much ice cream and turn mushy. The peanut butter cookies are strongly flavored but not overwhelming. A nice buttery/floury flavor comes through (think a chocolate chip cookie) to balance the peanut butter.

Unfortunately th…

Original Klondike Bar

Minneapolis (and I'm guessing the greater midwest) is still stuck in the doldrums of late summer ice cream. I've tried all of the new summer flavors, and the fall flavors haven't quite hit shelves yet. I was standing in front of the ice cream freezer fuming about not finding anything I wanted to try and caught sight of a Klondike advertisement with a challenge to try all 14 flavors. You know what, I have nothing better to do, so I'm taking on the challenge starting, of course, with the Original Klondike bar,  a hunk of creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a thick, chocolately shell. It's simple, classic perfection - the best thing to happen to ice cream since, um, the invention of the ice cream.

I haven't had a Klondike bar in years. Eating them used to stress me out. The shell would break, the ice cream would be everywhere, and it would be a huge mess. Somehow I translated my dislike of mess into a perceived dislike of the bars themselves, and I don't know…