Thelma's Treats S'Mores

It one kind of fun to write reviews of products you really enjoy and an entirely different kind of fun to pan terrible products, but it is exactly zero kinds of fun to write a review of a product you didn't particularly like made by a brand you adore. I'M SORRY BB.

Thelma's Treats has a new ice cream sandwich with one chocolate chip cookie, one double chocolate chip cookie and some strange marshmallow/graham ice cream. Thelma's was originally a cookie company, and their ice cream sandwiches use their cookies and Anderson Erickson ice cream. I thought the double dark chocolate cookie would outshine the regular chocolate chip cookie, but the combo actually worked quite well. The double chocolate cookie give this treat a ridiculous richness which was balanced by the lighter buttery/caramelized flavor of the the regular chocolate chip cookie. I cannot fault Thelma's at all for cookie execution.

Unfortunately, the ice cream failed to live up to the cookies. Literally a…

Museum of Ice Cream Nana Banana

Nana Banana, banana ice cream with salted caramel almond butter swirl, is the second of two flavors I picked up from the new Target x Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) collab. You can get my general thought on the MOIC in my review of Piñata, but to sum up, it irks me that the MOIC is not, in fact, a museum and yet calls themselves a museum.

I was unimpressed with the quality of Piñata, and it's way too easy to make a bad banana ice cream, so my expectations for Nana Banana were quite low.  The quality of the base was not great. It had a noticeably low fat content and as a result was hard and icy and melted down into a runny liquid. Despite that, the banana flavor of the base was not bad. It could have been a bit stronger, but it tasted like real banana and not banana flavoring.

The salted caramel almond butter swirl had huge potential. It had a strong taste of almond butter - the the more complex and almost floral taste of lightly roasted almonds. The salted caramel added the perfect t…

Museum of Ice Cream Piñata

The blog is not dead! Just my computer. My poor, old computer, that I bought in 2012, was felled by a drop of water several weeks ago, and I have finally acquired a new one.

In Big Muddy Ice Cream Blog style, I will begin my first post back with a complaint. I do not like the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC). It's not a museum. It's a building full of Instagram backdrops aka an 'experience-first brand' as they themselves claim. I'm not against the content of the MOIC, but for fuck's sake don't call yourself a museum. Museums are for learning and wonder and awe. They have a dot org website extension.

I'm skeptical of the quality of a product produced by an 'experience-first' company, but I grabbed two flavors of the new Museum of Ice Cream pints available at Target. Not gonna lie, the containers are super cute, and that was 90% of the reason I bought them.

Piñata is Vanilla ice cream with iced animal cookies, frosted cupcake bits, fizzy cotton candies…

Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip

Hi, my name is Madeline and I'm a mint snob. I just really love mint, and you can piss right off if you make a crummy mint product. Mint tea? It better be stuffed with fresh mint leaves not some speckles of dried mint leaf in a tea bag. Mojito? There better be mint all up in there, not just one lonely sprig as a garnish. Mint ice cream? It BETTER not be flavored with mint extract. I BETTER see pieces of real mint leaves.

Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip is my holy grail of mint ice cream. I first tried this ice cream as part of the Mintimalism ice cream sandwich and knew I had to get my hands on a pint of the stuff. Thanks to Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market I found a pint!!!!! This flavor is fresh mint leaf ice cream, brown sugar, dark chocolate chips.

This is the best mint ice cream ever.  The sweet cream base is light, delicate, and milky which lets the mint shine through. And, oh my goodness, THE MINT. Coolhaus certainly did not skimp on mint leaves. You can see the bits of mint mixed…

Coolhaus Chocolate Molten Cake

I'm not dead! I've been pretty uninspired to blog the past few weeks, and additionally I've been making my way through a gigantic container of homemade blackberry ginger trifle ice cream so I didn't have the fear of getting behind in reviews to motivate me. BUT, I'm back now with a review of Coolhaus Chocolate Molten Cake, dark chocolate ice cream with chewy cake pieces and fudge frosting swirl.

Even if you don't consciously realize it,  if you are a native English speaker, you probably put your adjectives in a certain order, and I just cannot wrap my poor brain around the choice to say 'chocolate molten cake' instead of 'molten chocolate cake.' I get that Coolhaus is trying to describe a molten cake that happens to be chocolate, but it just sounds so wrong!!!

Despite the odd name, Chocolate Molten Cake thankfully doesn't suffer from Coolhaus' usual problem of too-small mix-ins.  The dark chocolate base is good enough to serve its funct…

Coolhaus Milkshake & Fries

Prepare your body and soul for SO MANY MOAR Coolhaus reviews! Today I have Milkshake & Fries, salted Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with shoestring french fries and milk chocolate malt balls.

Confession. I have never been a fan of dipping french fries in milkshake. I don't dislike it, I just don't get it. Intellectually, I get why people like the hot/cold sweet/salty combination, but to me it just tastes like a fry .... and some milkshake. The total is not more than the sum of its parts. Despite, this I think french fries in ice cream could work really well.

I recently reviewed Coolhaus' salted Tahitian vanilla bean base in my review of Campfire S'mores. It's nearly perfect. It's a strong but not overpowering vanilla flavor and the salt helps to emphasize the sweetness of the base.

In that review, I also brought up Coolhaus' propensity towards smaller mix-ins meant to blend with the base, as opposed to Ben and Jerry's-style chunktastic mix-ins. Th…

Coolhaus Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sammie


That's my one word review of Coolhaus Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sammie, rainbow sprinkle cake cookie and cupcake frosting ice cream.

Coolhaus started as an ice cream sandwich company and later expanded to produce pints. Their pint flavors are hit or miss for me, but I've never had an ice cream sandwich I didn't thoroughly enjoy. The Birthday Cake Sammie may not be for everyone - it's very sweet - but I loved it.

The cookies are a basic sugar cookie, but with a perfect texture and plenty of sprinkles baked in. The cookies are thick, soft, and chewy, but don't get soggy. This means you don't have a mess on your hands (literally!) if the ice cream starts to melt. The sprinkles really took this to the next level. These were no weak-ass sprinkles! These were huge, sugary sprinkles, and the cookies were chock full of 'em! Honestly, I would eat these cookies alone.

If you didn't get your sugar fix from the cookies, the cupcake frosting ice cream will do it…